Oof dah, GravesDiggers! I hope the work/school week went by as quickly as possible and was relatively painless? If it was a snizzle instead of a gwynda boat, come in out from the cold world and warm yourself with the heat given off by this gorgeous creature celebrated today in Tumblrville.

As ever, give me your heart: original fanart, fics, ficlets, fic recs, prompts, fills, photosets, gifsets, manips, interviews, reviews - everything and anything you want to share of pure, unadulterated Rupertness. Remember to make #Silver Fox Saturday your very first tag if you’re going to premiere something meant for this day.

This Minneapolis SFS Sunrise is for kestrel337 (and I hope I used the slanguage correctly?). The backdrop is by Mitchster and the RG headshot was taken by Dave M. Benett

Have a lovely time of it, my dears, and I’ll see you in the tag.

26 October 2013 ·

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